5 Powerful Keys Of Hapiness​

This article is not intended to make you happy just by reading these few pages, as if the secret of happiness was a magic formula that was enough to read.

Everyone can read this article, regardless of their current life situation, their experience, and their intellectual knowledge, the seven keys to happiness will be useful to you in all areas of your life. They are the ones who govern every aspect of your life, and whoever you are.

1- You should have goals in life

This is your first key to happiness, study it every Monday, repeat it and put it into practice until it becomes a habit, until it becomes a new way of thinking.
For many people, this first key will appear obvious, and yet …
And yet,

how many people today know what they want in life?

How many are content to let themselves be carried by the current of life, like a ship without a rudder?

Ask the people around you what they want in their life, they will answer you banalities or generalities like ” I want to be good ”, ” I want to be happier ” or ” I want to succeed in my life”. Others will answer you what they don’t want: ” I don’t want to have any more pounds ”, ” I don’t want to be poor anymore ”, ” I can’t be alone anymore ” .

5 Powerful Keys Of Hapiness​

If many people are unable to tell you how they want their life to be tomorrow, others do not even see the point of asking the question.
They learned things during their schooling, graduated, learned their trade, and now they are cruising, live more or less the same every day and consider life to be so.
They have settled into a more or less comfortable routine that reassures them about the apparent stability of things and they are already thinking about the retirement that will come in 30 years.

It’s not a question of advice or suggestion, but a vital obligation if you want to be happy in life. The human being is made to progress, to grow, to evolve. He must learn new things every day, set goals and reach them.

Like many people, you can lie to yourself and tell yourself that you do not need anything or anyone. You can also say that your life is good and that you like it. But you are missing something, you are reading these linesbecause despite what you have, you are not happy.

You are attached to your living conditions, to what you have around you or to yourself and it helps to feel mentally good at times, b ut remember, if you do not keep moving forward, you’ll start backing up.

5 Powerful Keys Of Hapiness​

2 – Accept and love what’s around you

Be open to change and all that’s different from the present way in which you perceive things and life. In these differences, with which you may not agree at the beginning, reside the key to your happiness tomorrow.
Remember that if you always think the same way, you will always act the same way and your life will always be the same.

You don’t have to be loved to love yourself. Love is an inner state in which you feel and to feel in this state, you don’t need anything or anyone.
What you have just read may seem difficult to accept, but it is the main key that will lead you to more happiness in your life.
You can decide in a moment to be madly in love with the first person you meet in the street, what can prevent you?
A set of ideas that will cross your head at that time probably. Rules that are specific to you on the external or internal criteria that must be present for you to like that person.

But in truth it’s not so, love is an inner sensation, not an intellectual idea. You do not like with your head but with your heart.
Understand that I’m not talking here about things like engagement, cultural affinity, social, and a whole other set of things that make two people live together and get along well in the long run. I speak only of an inner feeling, of a state of being at a specific moment, of the opening you can have to another person at a specific moment.

3 – You are not your thoughts

5 Powerful Keys Of Hapiness​

The main obstacle to your happiness is that you let your mind control you, that is to say, that when the little voice speaks to you in your head, you listen to what it says without being aware that this voice is is not you.
The illustration of this example is the person who has to attend an important meeting the next day and who is convinced by his inner voice that it will go wrong. She listens helplessly to a succession of arguments, more stupid than the others or without any real foundation.

If you walk in a beautiful park surrounding a beautiful lake and are totally absorbed in your thoughts, imagine how tomorrow’s meeting will be or try to understand why your spouse told you about a certain way, a few hours ago, you will not really be present to what is happening around you during this walk.

You could be in the most wonderful places, it would have no positive impact on you if you are caught in your thoughts, in the meanders of your mind. Understand that all the benefits of this walk escape you because you are elsewhere in thoughts. Instead of returning home totally refreshed by this exceptional contact with nature, you will have the impression of not being out. When you are caught in your thoughts, you do not enjoy what surrounds you.

If you spend an intimate evening with the person you love it will be the same, to be able to establish a deep connection with it you will have to free yourself from your thoughts and fully appreciate the present moment.

5 Powerful Keys Of Hapiness​

4 – You are not your behaviors

Tomorrow is not equal to yesterday, this means that it’s not because something happened in a certain way yesterday, that it will happen the same way tomorrow. It also means that it is not because yesterday you reacted in a certain way or could not do such and such that it will be the same tomorrow. The future is independent of the past, there is no reason that things are the same.
What creates a specific event depends on several criteria, external and internal phenomena that will never all be present in the same way twice in a row.

Watch out for the image you have of yourself

What creates a feeling of unease in your life are some negative aspects that you have of the image of you and that you maintain day after day without any reason.
For example, one day, you reacted badly during a conversation with another person of the opposite sex, you will not be able manage to give the image that you wanted on you , in every identical situation, you think that you will react again in the same way.

5 – Accept your emotions

Here is another key of paramount importance to change the way you feel in your everyday life.
The emotional aspect of your life is what most conditions your level of inner happiness, because as you know now, happiness is an inner sensation, so it is connected to your emotions, your ability to feel them and to accept them.

Whenever you deny a part of what is going on by saying NO I REFUSE WHAT HAPPENS, you create a blockage in yourself, you move away from the stream of life and tell that you refuse help and you loose trust.

Be aware that everything has a good reason to be. For a person to evolve or a situation to change, it is sometimes necessary to go through less positive or less pleasant phases than the current phase. Change and inner evolution sometimes occur through difficulties, obstacles, and failures.

Even if you do not understand what is happening and don’t agree, have a feeling of thanks for your life. Show always that you are ready to learn from everything that comes along.