8 Ideas for Making a Wedding Awesome

Do you want to say yes to two, surrounded by your witnesses or only a handful of guests?

Here are our advice to get married simply.

Out of 230,000 marriages a year, more than half are taking place with great pomp *.For a quarter of the wedding, however, it is simplicity that wins.The two reasons invoked by these “discreet” couples are the time of preparations – nine months on average – synonymous with constraints, and the budget -8000 euros for about 70 guests **.

Marriage, remains the preferred contract of couples who want to protect themselves for the future and reduce their taxes. “With four children and a big imbalance between our two incomes, it was the best solution,” says Émeline and Stéphane who said yes in small committee. It also remains a moment of strong emotion. “The exchange of alliances on I Feel Good would have moved me as much with three people in the room with 300!” explains Marlene.

But then, how to organize this marriage somewhat atypical, whose simplicity alone represents a form of challenge?

8 Ideas for Making a Wedding Awesome

Set the number of guests in advance …

The smaller the number of guests, the more people must be warned, otherwise they will be disappointed if unavailable. Start with your two witnesses, indispensable for the civil ceremony. Then reason in circles. Family, friends of childhood, work colleagues … What “groups” do you remember? The important thing is to keep his line of action. At her marriage around 12 guests (the family very close), Anne-Sophie did not invite her best friend: “She was a little disappointed and me too, but impossible to make a single difference: if we start adding a Nobody, why not two, and three … And presto, we’re 120! “

Anticipate the reaction of loved ones

To limit the number of guests means to accept the disappointment of some. Emeline had not warned and invited anyone except her children and her two witnesses: “On learning it, my father collapsed on the phone. If I had anticipated his reaction, I might have lengthened a little guest list. ” For Anne-Sophie, the transparency was beneficial: “I called my family to warn them that I married without fuss and guests. I said the friends who were in the corner were welcomed to the town hall. did not have any negative feedback. ” Vanessa and Eric, married in Las Vegas face to face, have not had to complain about reactions of incomprehension: “As it is very far away, it does not hurt many people not to be invited!”

Have fun with the outfits

Do you dream of a princess dress anyway? Have fun! And that’s the motto for all your clothing choices that day. This can be a white and elegant formal attire (type pantsuit), an original or comfortable set. “My favorite little black dress was better than a white dress in which I would have felt ridiculous,” says Vanessa. “I had a crush on a showcase for a big dress with newspaper prints on it,” recalls Isabelle M.

Keep the symbols we like

The bachelor party girl? The flower bouquet? The procession of cars? Draw in what speaks to you and do not deprive yourself of it. Anne-Sophie had opted for the honeymoon: “The next morning, we took off both for Martinique, a week of luxury in a bungalow on a beach.” Isabelle M had chosen to choose an “anniversary date”: “We were married in December, seven years to the day after our meeting, and never mind if it was a Thursday in winter.”

8 Ideas for Making a Wedding Awesome

Think about children

“But mom, you do not even have a dress and grandpa and many are not here?”, Stormed Emeline’s eldest at the announcement of the express ceremony of her parents. Better to find a detail that will allow your children to live the event in their way, such as a special dress on D-Day, the responsibility of decorating the car or throwing rice. “It’s our son who brought us alliances in a book with an old binding,” recalls Isabelle M.

Think after ceremony

You can omit the wine of honor and the meal crowned with a coin if you do not want it. However, your guests, even if they are only two, will need to eat after the ceremony. Why not a restaurant that you love, like Isabelle and Christophe who ate seafood in their favorite brewery? Or the luxury of a starry table? “After an incredible restaurant, we ordered a taxi and we went on a tour of the bars in town with our witnesses and our sisters, singing to whoever wanted to hear that it was our wedding. ! “says Anne-Sophie.

Healing your post-wedding ad

If you have restricted the number of guests, you may not have sent an announcement. However, after the ceremony, you may feel the need to share the news, if only to avoid misunderstandings or defuse conflict with uninvited relatives. A polaroid by mail?A video montage of the day? A Facebook status well turned? Everything is possible, but the form must be carefully thought out.”We sent a picture of us by text message to our friends and family with ‘Long live the bride and groom!’written on it, “says Emeline.

feeling guilty

Once you have decided on the details, dont go back. Your decision is up to you. If you are in tune with yourself, your wedding as intimate, simple or unexpected as it will please your entourage.”I do not like parties and I do not like to feel obligated, I like making my choices,” concludes Isabelle.