Dogs have a well-known reputation for being loyal and loving companions, the epitome of “man’s best friend”. Dogs communicate their moods, emotions, and desires in different ways, from obvious to subtle. While affection should be mutual, dogs are unique in that many offer us blind worship, whether we deserve it or not.
It is rare for dogs to be indifferent to people, although mistreatment and/or poor breeding can distort the canine personality and turn them into a dysfunctional animal. Although your puppy thrives on social interaction, he is still an individual with a very diverse personality.

dog sign languages
Maltese X Shih Tzu Puppy looking at the camera

How puppies show their love to other pets

Puppies show affection for other dogs, cats, or other pets by sleeping together. They also lick and muzzle each other. The simple act of sharing space can be a subtle sign of affection between dogs. Loving dogs can also share toys or food. They often like to play together, provoke plays, and take turns during chasing and scoring. Puppies show their love to people in the same way.

12 ways puppies show their love to people

dog sign languages

Puppies show their love by wagging their tails. Considered a “signal of decreasing distance,” a puppy’s tail often invites you to approach and demands your attention.
Licking is another sign of love for puppies. Sucking on your hands and aiming at your eyes or mouth with a kiss is a canine statement that you are okay with your puppy. This submissive gesture is often used for greetings or as a calming gesture, a way of saying “I’m sorry” when you look upset.

The jumps are messages of love from the puppies. Jumping is an action that aims to lick your face – a real doggy salute. When this happens, you can kneel or teach your puppy how to greet you better, such as sitting down when you get home.

Puppies like to roll over. Showing the belly puts the puppies in a vulnerable position that allows them to declare their confidence and affection. By turning around in front of more powerful dogs or people, puppies show through their body language that they are not threatening and want to be friends.

Shaking the paws is another way for puppies to give love. Dogs often offer a paw before they turn around and give your leg a paw asking for attention.
Puppies will often crawl on your lap because they need to touch you. This is a sign of deep affection and trust, in addition to leaning against you or resting on your feet.
When puppies nap with you, they show great confidence by falling asleep on your lap.

dog sign languages
Older and distinguished mini daxie puppy dog sitting on hardwood floor in modern living room. Wrinkled brown fur matching colors of leather.

Believe it or not, puppies love to wet the ground. It’s different from urine marking. Even when puppies understand the basics of toilet training, they may squat and get wet when you greet them or raise your voice for the first time.
Technically called submissive urination, think of this gesture as to how your puppy is calling you responsible.
Puppies love to chew on your things. They target certain objects because they smell like the person they love the most: you.

Without disrespecting you, puppies sniff private places as a sign of love. For dogs, sniffing these areas is equivalent to a handshake in greeting.
Puppies often love their owners while playing. They bring you gifts of their favorite toys and gladly join in your game.

Smiles are a sure sign of love for puppies. Some dogs learn to “smile” by lifting their lips to illustrate a toothy smile to show their happiness and affection.