Does your cat speak to you? Listen to him, he has a complaint!Hungry, thirsty, wanting to cuddle, to play, it’s up to you to decipher his message … And if he continues to meow anyway, a little update of his education could help solve the problem, unless he is sick, which he can also show you by not meowing anymore. Who says our animals can’t talk?

Why does the cat meow?

Meowing is the cat’s mode of communication with humans, a cat meows to express a need: hunger or thirst, the urge to cuddle, the need to go out, a cry for help, boredom – the cat meowing at night often does it because he is bored, the night is a period of great activity for cats … The cat is capable of making many sounds, various types of meows, depending on what it is saying.

Cat Behavior: Here See How To Deal With Calling, Meowing, And Howling

According to ethologists (specialists in animal behavior), 11 different sounds are used daily by cats to express themselves, although they can make more than a hundred: The classic meow: the more repeatedly and loud your pet meows, the more intense the need it expresses. Purr is a rhythmic and smooth sound. We know it well when cuddling, or when the cat eats, but these are not the only times when cats purr.

Understand your cat behavior very important

A cat purrs with her cubs to calm them down when they are just born, kittens purr when they suck or when they are excited. Purring is therefore generally associated with well-being. However, a cat can purr when it does not feel well, or when it feels threatened. To learn more, read our article on cat purring and its mysteries. The whisper is a mixture of meow, purr, and growl.

It indicates the satisfaction, the gratitude of a happy animal, for example when it has eaten well. Cats in heat communicate by meowing with their peers. The cat emits long, repetitive meows, the male’s meow is more hoarse, sometimes accompanied by rumbling.

Cat Behavior: Here See How To Deal With Calling, Meowing, And Howling

The mother cat’s meow is given with a closed (or slightly open) mouth, it is repetitive and very brief, less than a second, and is used to communicate with her young. The cat can also use this “Twitter” to say hello to its owners.
The kitten, during its first week, gives a short, very high-pitched little meow when needed, a cry for help to its mother. Spitting is used in self-defense, it is a threatening vocalization emitted with an open mouth ejecting air.

Danger warnings

spitting cat The growl is a warning when the cat is disturbed. If it is more frequent, for no reason, a visit to the vet is necessary as it can mean that the cat is in pain. The howl, a long, loud, high-pitched meow, is the next step after the growl. Much more threatening, it precedes an attack.

Cat Behavior: Here See How To Deal With Calling, Meowing, And Howling

The meowing of pain is very high-pitched, shrill, and loud. some cats also push it after mating. The crackle is the sound a cat makes when it is tense while hunting. When he is watching a bird or even a mouse, he may emit a jerky, low-sounding meow from both excitement and envy. Some cats meow all the time, simply because they are more talkative than others. This can come from their race, those from Asia being reputed to be the most talkative: Siamese, Tonkinese, Burmese, Balinese, Korat …

What to do with a cat that meows?

The first thing to do is to check that all of his needs are met: he has food, freshwater, his litter box is clean, he has things to take care of, he has the choice of places to rest high up, he has a scratching post, do you spend time playing with him and cuddling him every day? He meows at night is not a good time to sleep with a cat. If he can’t get out for a walk, your cat will get bored and meow outside your door.

It is important to get him used to spend the night in peace very quickly, even when he is still just a kitten. Don’t open the door for him, be patient with your pain until he’s used to it.
If you give in, he will have understood that by insisting he will get what he wants … This boredom can be exacerbated by a feeling of “abandonment” if you close your door to him.

How To Help Kitty Quiet Down

Take some time with him at night before going to bed to play and exercise, first he will feel reassured and you will make him tired and he will spend more time sleeping at night. Another common cause of nocturnal meows is that cats do not have access to food and water, or even to their litter box. A cat that screams, especially at night, with a hoarse meow, is undoubtedly in heat.

Cat Behavior: Here See How To Deal With Calling, Meowing, And Howling
Feed them properly

Another common cause of nocturnal meows is that cats do not have access to food and water, or even to their litter box. A cat that screams, especially at night, with a hoarse meow, is undoubtedly in heat. To avoid these hectic periods and the litters that go with them if it is a female, have your cat sterilized and she will be much more peaceful afterward.

kitten meows He meows for no reason If you feel that your cat has everything she needs, avoids paying attention to her meows, it will only make them stronger. If you don’t react, the meows should gradually decrease. Be careful, however, if your animal meows for no apparent reason it may be due to physical damage (injury, illness), especially if it appears suddenly, or to real discomfort.

Check on your cat for any pain.

Check for any other symptoms that could indicate poor health or distress to talk to your veterinarian. For example, an elderly cat who meows a lot often hides a health problem. He meows nonstop He meows all the time to eat: he meows early in the morning, even all day or when you get home … Your cat is likely to be hungry, especially if his last meal was many hours before. Cats have the instinct to eat small amounts throughout the day, and especially at night, although they sometimes develop different habits.

How To Deal With Calling, Meowing, And Howling

Try feeding him before bed, or even offer him a dispenser so he won’t be hungry in the morning at dawn and throughout the day. He will thus balance his food intake himself. He meows constantly in the car: the incessant movements can be the cause of these meows. The cat tries to stabilize itself, using its inner ear for this, but it is not intended to function for a long time. This can be unsettling for the animal, even painful. There are special belts for cats, thanks to which the movements are less than in his crate. Being locked up is also stressful.

Create Safe Outdoor Experiences

Soothing pheromones can be beneficial. To help you, read our 8 tips for traveling well with your cat in the car. He meows all the time when I come home or to cuddle: your cat needs attention, he can feel helpless and miserable. Set up a daily ritual with him, a special time when you take care of him. He will take this habit and wait until this moment to come and ask you. However, get into the habit of not responding to his meows outside of these times, ignore him, and take the initiative yourself, when he does not ask, to come and pet him.

Cat Behavior

The presence of another cat can also do them good and help them to cope better with your absence. He meows all the time to go out: If he meows to defecate outside, it is a good idea to put a cat flap so he can fend for himself. If this is not possible for you, set up a litter box. even if it needs to be cleaned every day, your cat will be more zen, and so will you!

What if he doesn’t meow anymore?

This absence of meowing is often due to laryngitis, due in particular to an infection such as coryza. It will be accompanied by other symptoms: discharge from the nostrils and eyes, cough, sneezing, fever. The cat can also be hampered at the level of the vocal cords, for example by a ball of hair. In this case, it will pass quickly. Let him lick a little butter to make it easier for the object in the way. A cat that no longer meows can also have a serious condition, the tumor of the larynx.

The Importance of Regular Vet Check-ups for Cats
Cat in a veterinary clinic hairdresser cutting nails.

The veterinarian can treat quickly in case of coryza, easy to diagnose, an endoscopy may on the other hand be necessary in other cases. Monitor your cat’s behavior. If he is acting normally, continues to drink and feed, to play, this is certainly a temporary discomfort.

In the presence of other symptoms and/or if the absence of meowing persist, especially if the cat no longer meows and does not eat, go to your veterinarian. A cat that no longer meows and that drool generally shows a problem with the throat, larynx, or even the mouth, it can no longer swallow.
It could be a lesion, its drool will be colored pink or red, or an infection, it will be very white and smelly. A veterinarian’s opinion should be taken quickly, the possible causes are many and varied.


The cat has lived with humans for a long time and he has developed a language to make himself understood better by him. Its language is very varied today and can help us to live better with our animals. The intensity of her meows, the hard times