Great tips to make your life more organized!

here are Great tips to make your life more organized!

Taking an upbeat attitude may not solve your problems, but it will irritate others who want to upset you. Start your day with a smile always and overcome his difficulties with that smile.
Organize – Get rid of the mess: Organize your life with more color. Use colored files, get rid of projects that you can’t complete and drain your energy.

Organize your items so you can easily find them without losing time searching them.
Good organization: Good organization enables you to take control of your life. In fact, we are not creating regulators because organization is an acquired skill in which anyone can excel.
Being well organized means you have an effective system that allows you to find what you need.

 Feel life through your body

To be more organized at work

The organization includes a good planning.

Set your priorities and focus your energy where it will make a tangible difference.Pay attention to the most comfortable activities and mitigate those less productive.

Avoid everything that distracts you, prepare the items you want to take with you and the clothes you want to wear evening before you sleep, so you don’t have to waste your time in the morning, the way you choose to see the world is what creates the world you actually see.

Feel life through your body

Feel life through your body

sing at your loudest voice. Sing until your voice is thinner and you feel cheerful. Do not keep your happiness captive to anyone else’s opinion about what is good and what is bad. Try to follow the bedtime ritual every night: quiet music, a warm bath, a glass of chamomile tea.
Keep a diary. You can discover your dreams and set your goals, it’s the first step in achieving what you want.

laugh more

Do you enjoy life?

Laugh more

Bring more laughter to your life: Keep your hand in books and videos that make you laugh out loud. When you laugh become more relaxed, laughter releases the accumulated nerve energy. Think of it as some kind of internal massage.

Be you

a lot of feelings of unhappiness, depression, frustration and loss of hope disappear when you do a work of your own, a job created to do, an action that makes you feel on the right track.

Great tips to make your life more organized!

Be yourself

What is important is that you yourself cannot make a difference in this world unless you are different from ordinary people. Being different is the only way to be successful with your features. Because of this, some people may not be comfortable with you and others may alienate you.

You will be criticized a lot, no doubt, the more you succeed as a result of your disagreement may grow a sense of hatred towards you. However, people will respect you specifically when you start making a big difference. Most importantly, you will have respect for yourself.

You and you alone should determine who you are. If you choose to be yourself, you will be different. If this means that others think you are eccentric let it be.


Meditation is one of the tips that has a cumulative effect in your life. Give him some time to touch his benefit. Communicate regularly for a while before deciding if it doesn’t work for you.

Choose easy and simple ways to meditate, such as taking a stroll in nature and meditating on a walk with a poem or song that delights you. Or sit comfortably and close your eyes for thirty minutes, get rid of all the negative thoughts and focus your thinking on a beautiful idea you like or imagine a natural scene such as a waterfall and summon all the details, the sound of water, air breezes, as if you were really there.

Great tips to make your life more organized!

Dealing with anger

one of the good tips in your life is how to deal with Anger ,it’s not always accompanied by violence. When confronting a hostile person, take a neutral stance and become aware of and control your personal reactions. Pull out of the argument and look at it as objectively as possible.
Choosing a life partner: You must complete your duties towards yourself before you link your life to someone else’s life. The more integrated you are as a human being, the less you need to control someone else, and the less you rush to strive for others to give you what you want. Only those who know themselves well can integrate their lives with someone else without fear of losing themselves.

You should know that the most important thing is not what the other feels for you, but what it feels for itself.

Great tips to make your life more organized!

Are you irritable

One of the easiest tips and quickest ways to change your mood is to use a perfume that brings you exhilarating memories to your life. Try several types of fragrances to find a fragrance that is calm in yourself. Try lavender, or drink chamomile tea. Inhale refreshing aromatic oils such as lemon, jasmine, and peppermint in the afternoons where you feel sleepy in order to remain vigilant.
There are soothing scents such as wood burning in the stove, freshly cut grass, crayon, delicacy, sea spray, toasting, and good coffee.