The Harry Potter saga continues to excite fans. Moreover, the butterbeer present in the HP universe is now on sale!

Harry Potter: Butter Beer is now on sale!

The Harry Potter saga continues to fascinate young and old, generation after generation. The famous butterbeer from J.K Rowling’s universe has just been released
Almost 10 years after the release of the last Harry Potter film, J.K Rowling’s magical world continues to excite.

It must be said that between the characters all more endearing than the others, and the magical places in which the plot takes place, it is difficult to forget a story like this!

Thanks to Warner Bros Studios in London or Universal Studios Amusement Park in California, Harry Potter fans can now be directly immersed in the world of their favorite hero. They can visit key locations in the saga, or admire the costumes that were used for filming. The dream!

But recently, Warner Bros took it a step further to please Harry Potter fans.

Indeed, the studio has just marketed the famous butterbeer, present in the universe of J.K. Yes, yes you heard that right!
Harry Potter: Butter Beer is now on sale!
Yep, Warner Bro has a new surprise in store for Harry Potter fans!

Indeed, the studio has just announced the sale of the butter beers of the saga.

You know, it’s those famous caramel-flavored beers that Hogwarts students often go to taste when they go out to Hogsmeade!

Until then, these buttery beers were only available in studios in London or on the grounds of Universal Studios.

But now it is possible to order Butter Beer through the Warner Bros Studio Tour London website. So you will soon be able to enjoy your butterbeer in your living room.

Well for that we will have to wait a bit anyway …

Yep, at the moment the studio only delivers butter beers to the UK.

So, in the meantime, we just have to watch, once again, all the films of the saga!