If more and more dog owners are taking out an insurance contract with a pet mutual, it is to protect the health of their little companion at a lower cost. Certain pathologies can indeed affect these animals, and in the most serious cases, be life-threatening. In some cases, the treatment is long and very expensive. Here are the ten diseases commonly encountered in canines.

What are the 10 most common diseases in dogs?

Hip dysplasia

Here Are 10 Common Dog Disease And Health Problems

This genetic disease causes lameness and stiffness in dogs. It can become disabling in the absence of care. Hip dysplasia is very common in large dogs like the Dane or the German Shepherd for example

Distemper disease

Here Are 10 Common Dog Disease And Health Problems

This viral condition causes a lack of appetite, vomiting, high fever, and cough of varying severity. The square disease requires an emergency consultation. It is a very contagious disease of dogs that can be prevented with vaccination.

Infectious gastroenteritis

Here Are 10 Common Dog Disease And Health Problems

It is also called parvovirus. This highly contagious viral disease is fatal, so it is a case of extreme urgency. Its symptoms are mainly hemorrhagic diarrhea, vomiting, and a sudden state of lethargy. Puppies are the most exposed. It is important to have your dog vaccinated to protect him from the risk of contagion.

Lyme disease

Transmitted by ticks, this disease causes symptoms after a long incubation period such as severe fatigue, inflammation of the joints, high fever, and reduced appetite. Prevention inevitably involves eliminating the parasites with a tack puller, vaccination, and the use of a product against ticks. All dog breeds are affected by Lyme disease.

The dilatation-torsion of the stomach

This is an absolute emergency because the animal’s life is in danger. Large dogs are more prone to this very serious pathology which causes, in its victim, very violent pain. The dog with a torso-dilation cannot vomit, drool, is restless, and his belly begins to swell. You should always avoid giving your dog a big meal before an outing because this can promote this pathology.


It is a serious illness common in dogs. It is transmitted by ticks. Piroplasmosis causes great fatigue, lack of appetite, depression, jaundice, and red urine. We must consult urgently.


This inflammation of the bladder wall should be suspected when the dog urinates often but little at the same time, the urination is painful and the urine bloody. Cystitis, which affects females more frequently but males can also be affected, can be of bacterial origin. However, a tumor or stones are other possible causes.


10 Common Dog Disease And Health Problems

Another emergency, tetanus is a serious infection transmitted to dogs by a virus following an injury or a bite. If left unchecked, it can lead to the death of the animal. It is responsible for severe pain, muscle spasms in the body and face, general weakness, high fever, and breathing problems which can lead to asphyxiation. The dog can be saved provided the tetanus is diagnosed early enough.

Kidney failure

10 Common Dog Disease And Health Problems

The chronic form of this disease mainly affects older dogs, and the acute form can occur in any dog ​​of any age. Symptoms that should alert include loss of appetite, bad breath (halitosis), pain when the dog urinates, vomiting, diarrhea, and extreme fatigue. The veterinarian should be consulted as soon as possible because renal failure irreparably leads to the destruction of the kidneys gradually.


Rabies is a zoonosis, meaning that this disease is transmissible to humans. Although less common today, this viral encephalitis remains a concern in certain departments of the national territory and even more in many countries of the world. In France, its declaration to the authorities is compulsory. It is a fatal pathology, in other words, a case of absolute emergency. It is transmitted by a bite. The rabies virus causes neurological symptoms as it reproduces in the brain of its victim. These can include itching, swallowing problem, paralysis, changes in behavior. Rabies vaccination is compulsory for certain dog breeds and all dogs when they have to travel outside France.