Driving a luxury car is always a superior experience. Performance, comfort, safety, infotainment, technologies… Everything must be at the top to justify the prices of premium vehicles. And given the demands of consumers who pay such amounts, the competition is fierce. Here is a list of the best luxury cars you can drive in the world today.


Here Are The Top 7 Of The Most Luxurious Cars You Can Buy
BMW 5 Series luxury car

Is the 5 Series, Car of the Year, your favorite luxury car?

If the BMW 5 Series won Car of the Year in 2019, it’s not for nothing. Even in the luxury car category, the sedan is a real success. According to some experts, it would be even nicer than BMW’s flagship, the 7 Series. Not everyone will necessarily agree on this point. But what is certain is that it is the best value in the luxury car segment.


Here Are The Top 7 Of The Most Luxurious Cars You Can Buy

The S-class remains a safe bet in the luxury car range.
Long regarded as one of the best luxury cars, if not the best of sedans, the Mercedes S-Class deserves to be on the podium in this 2021 ranking of best luxury cars. In any case, this is a model popular with consumers. And with the appearance of recent hybrid versions, the S-Class is now available in an ecological version of absolute comfort.


Here Are The Top 7 Of The Most Luxurious Cars You Can Buy

Its innovative physique makes the 6GT Series an atypical luxury car.
If the style of the BMW 6 Series GT does not necessarily appeal to everyone, this premium vehicle is a real success in terms of handling, equipment provided, its interior both sumptuous and spacious. In its category, you won’t find better from a technical point of view. After, the tastes and the colors, that is not discussed …


Here Are The Top 7 Of The Most Luxurious Cars You Can Buy

The exceptional finishes of the A8 make it a refined luxury car.
Do you like S-Class sedans but are looking for a different style? The Audi A8 has a lot to win you over. Quality is everywhere on this luxury sedan. It almost feels like driving a Rolls-Royce. For example, heated leather seats in the front are standard, and the car also has dual-zone air conditioning as well as a very advanced infotainment system.


Jaguar XF luxury car

Comfort and unstoppable handling characterize the Jaguar XF.
If the Germans are very good at making luxury cars, they are not the only ones with this know-how. The Jaguar Britons also have some arguments to make, notably the Jaguar XF. Not only is this a very comfortable luxury car, but it is also very playful on the road. This option should particularly appeal to drivers looking for a luxury car that is fun to drive.


The Volvo S90 fits into the more accessible luxury car segment.
The purchase price problem does not arise when you hire a luxury car with Sixt. This is another kettle of fish when it comes to owning such a vehicle.
The Volvo S90 offers an excellent compromise between price and quality. The handling of the Volvo S90 may not be as perfect as that of its rivals. On the other hand, this Swedish luxury vehicle offers plenty of space, a refined interior, and plenty of standard equipment.


The Rolls-Royce Phantom, the pinnacle of four-wheel luxury?
We end our ranking of the best luxury vehicles with the symbol of this segment, the Rolls-Royce Phantom. This model boasts a long history. It’s in its 8th iteration after appearing in 1925. The comfort of the Phantom seems to be proportional to the model’s longevity … as well as its price. Unless you resort to leasing, you’ll have to put your hand in the wallet to taste the supreme automotive comfort.