A native of the sign Cancer, discover your 2021 horoscope to know the astral forecasts: love, work, friendship, health … Our astrologer reveals what the year 2021 has in store for you.

Cancer Horoscope in 2020: Treat Life Seriously and Gains
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The period will be on the balance sheet, regardless of the field. Take advantage of 2021 to take stock of 2020. Become aware of the changes that have taken place in your life or are in the process of taking place. Take a fair look at people and situations.

The main trends of 2021

This year the planets will inspire you to harness your abilities and skills. You will have to draw on your resources in order to give new impetus to your daily life.


Until July, your relationships with your colleagues or superiors will sometimes be complicated. Know how to stay zen and favor listening as well as harmony. From August, the atmosphere will be lighter and more pleasant. Less under tension, you will be more relaxed. You will have free rein to move forward in your projects and that will reassure you for the future.

Cancer Horoscope in 2020: Treat Life Seriously and Gains

Your finances and your income will be at the heart of your concerns. Some could also ask for an increase or review the management of their budget.

Friendship & Love

The first semester will be perfect for taking stock of your relationships and possibly sorting out a bit. After August, you will be more spontaneous and more available.

As a couple, January and February will be two good months to boost your relationship by being creative and inventive. In March, play the romantic card. From May to July, focus on dialogue, listening, and sharing. In August, go out and share beautiful moments for two. In September and October, let yourself be carried away by the sweetness. Over the past two months, talk about your desires and the future.

Single, January, March, June, August, and September should be interesting months to open up to a story full of beautiful energies. It’s up to you to seize the opportunities offered by the stars. It’s up to you to play and have confidence in life by giving it a little boost.


You will discover unsuspected resources, especially throughout the first trimester. Some will be surprised by the resistance, talents, and energies they bring to light. You could end 2021 extremely satisfied with yourself and the challenges met.

Closer to the stars

1st decan, take advantage of 2021 to reset the counters to zero. Set new goals for yourself. Enter a new chapter in your life. Take on the challenges that come your way.

2nd decan, you will be amazed by your abilities. This year, you will expand your possibilities. You will highlight other facets of your personality and you will have the opportunity to reveal yourself.

3rd decan, you will do your best to manage your time, your money, and your energy. It is an interesting year that will allow you to learn a lot about yourself and others.

Cancer celebrities

Michelle Rodriguez, Gisele Bündchen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Isabelle Adjani, Liv Tyler, Eva Longoria, Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Simpson…