Being simple isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life.

Gradually learn to live just for less. There are many ways to save money and adapt to a more frugal lifestyle. Having a simple life doesn’t have to mean big sacrifices. There are only benefits to not falling in the consumer society.

Why Live Simply? First, because it allows you to spend less than what you earn, leaving you with the flexibility to use the difference to save, pay off debt, or invest. It also helps you to be less stressed. Most importantly, not to become a slave to your things that need maintenance or repairs like cars, or a house that’s far too big and too big. Secondly, because the less you spend, the less you need to earn. This has the consequence of having the choice to work less or to retire earlier. You have more options with a simpler lifestyle.

How to Simplify Your Life and Save Money Starting Today

In the list of tips that follow, this is to show that it is possible to do a lot of things without having to take out the money. Why pay for things that you can do yourself, or that you can get for free?

Focus on the benefits rather than the harms. Wouldn’t life be better if you could choose how many hours you worked per week if you could spend more time enjoying your family, traveling more often, living in the moment with your friends, or yourself? focus more on what is important to you?

How to spend less?

If you want to know some tips to become thrifty, tips and good plans to spend less, here are a few.

1.Avoid owning a car

The car is one of the biggest household expenses. It makes you lose money on insurance, maintenance, discounts, registration documents, checks, parking lots, tickets. Some of these expenses are unavoidable. For many people living in urban areas or on the outskirts of large cities, a car is not essential.

Make it easier to get around on foot

How to Simplify Your Life and Save Money Starting Today

Traveling on foot has several benefits: economy, calorie burner, health. They call for the creative spirit. They secrete pleasure hormones which result in a feeling of well-being. To avoid feeling the lack of autonomy, all you have to do is anticipate your movements. With habit, you will think about it subconsciously.

Make a carpool or take public transport

Very few cities are not served by transport. The carpooling option is greatly simplified today with the help of many sites and platforms on the internet.

4.Only have one car

Couples can have 2 or more cars. If you live in a city, this may require multiple locations to rent or buy, while those same locations could earn you money if rented to tenants. Also, with 2 cars, the losses described in point number 1 are multiplied. See the possibilities of doing all your trips with just one car.

Eat less in restaurants or outside

Eating out is very expensive. Good dishes are not necessarily difficult to prepare and you will avoid paying all the intermediaries: reception, cooks, waiter, transport, and the various taxes such as VAT. Besides, it remains unclear whether the ingredients used are of good or poor quality.

How to Simplify Your Life and Save Money Starting Today

bring your Tupperware to work

Eating out or at a fast-food restaurant on work, days will cost you 3 to 4 times more than making your sandwiches or Tupperware. It takes 6 to 8 euros for a meal taken outside. Take 7 euro every noon, multiplied by 5 days of the week, multiplied by 4 weeks in the month. This represents a sum that on its own could feed you the whole month.

How to Simplify Your Life and Save Money Starting Today

play sports for free

The gym memberships will create an effect of satisfaction and sufficiency. They will avoid feeling guilty about extra pounds. I don’t have an exact science. Running, biking, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, pulling a rubber band, walking with weight, climbing stairs, stretching costs nothing. If you wish to participate in organized or competitive races, it is possible to get sponsored by an organization in order not to take a penny out of your pocket.

8.Stop smoking

With the price of cigarette packs soaring, ask a smoker to calculate the monthly budget for cigarettes! it amounts to more than 1000 euro per year. By quitting smoking, you will save money but also years of life.

stop snacking

The best way not to snack is to not have a snack at home. The best way not to have something to snack on is to not buy it. Get only the essentials at the supermarket, only what you need.

Drink water

It is fortunate in some countries to have drinking water from the tap. Many countries do not. It costs next to nothing and is very good for the body. Ditch the sodas that provide no nutritional benefits and destroy you in the long run.

11.Group your groceries

Never buy your groceries on the drop account. The budget allocated over the month is difficult to quantify. Plan a sum and go there at most once a week. Your expenses will be much easier to manage, especially those spent on the food budget.

12.Compare your receipts

If you are used to frequenting several supermarkets, and often buy the same products, keep your receipts and compare similar products. You will be surprised by the price differences charged and offered by distributors.

cook yourself

Cooking yourself is always better for your health and wallet. Prepared or frozen meals are generally very expensive and are filled with food additives and toxic products.

14.Switch off the television

Turning off the television will help you stop being invaded by negative sources and save time. The French spend an average of 3 hours 45 minutes a day in front of the TV. Separating yourself from it will save the audiovisual tax if you are a tax resident in France.

15.Cancel your subscriptions

Subscriptions for magazines, TV channels, or movies are sometimes hidden in monthly or quarterly bills. Today, it is very easy to find programs broadcast on TV on the Internet dealing with current events or various information. Be careful to re-read the conditions which often stipulate “renewed by tacit agreement”. This very commercial term means that your subscriptions or membership contracts will continue on an automatic renewal basis in the absence of any contrary stipulation or manifestation on your part to stop this service.

16.Be owner rather than the tenant

Renting was cheaper several years ago when rates were over 5%. Today, as I write this article (2018), it is better to own your primary residence than to rent it. Because there is a very good chance that the monthly loan payment will be lower than the cost of the monthly rental. Also, as a landlord, you repay capital and create wealth, while by remaining a tenant, you pay someone else’s credit.

17.Look for the opportunity first

When you need to buy something, always see if a private individual has thought of getting rid of it by selling it on the internet. This will prevent you from paying the full price by buying new.

18.Only buy clothes on sale

The most popular stores and brands today don’t think you. They don’t work to bring you quality clothing. They think about their profits. Clothing is largely made in countries at very low cost, using poor quality materials and textiles. They are then sold at a much higher price in stores under names such as new collection or new fashion.

Always wait for sales when you can! Another technique is to try on your clothes in the store. Take the product reference and buy it on the internet. You will save by avoiding the entire chain of sale and transport.

19.Wash some clothes by hand

Many items of clothing can be hand washed regularly, such as underwear, socks, t-shirts, small linens, tea towels, etc. You will be able to use your washing machine for more bulky things and therefore, do less washing.

20 adopt a minimalist wardrobe

Does own 40 pairs of shoes, 10 coats, 5 scarves do a few things? We don’t necessarily need to have everything tripled or quadruple. Plus, it’ll take the clutter out of business closets you don’t wear anymore and take the stress out of knowing how to dress for the next day.