Justin Bieber ready to release a new sound in a few days?

On his Twitter account, Justin Bieber shared a message that did not fail to amaze his fans. He seems to be preparing a big surprise!
This Friday, September 11, Justin Bieber surprised his fans. The reason ? He posted an intriguing new message on his Twitter account. He could be up to a really big project. And even a new sound.

On his Twitter account, Justin Bieber wrote: “ONE WEEK” to translate as “ONE WEEK”. It took no less for his fans to go wild on the social network. Some fans have no idea what he’s up to.
His followers retweeted his message almost 40,000 times. And he’s also collected over 183,000 likes. One thing is certain, Justin Bieber has aroused the curiosity of his fans on the social network.
So far, the young man has not said more about it. But in the comments, fans have expressed their excitement. Several have tried to guess. However, it will take a week to find out more.

Justin Bieber ready to release a new sound in a few days?

In an interview with Hollywood Life, a source gave information about Justin Bieber’s plans. Indeed, she said, “The album will all have new feats. And people are already amazed by the music… ”.

She also added, “Justin has been filming music videos recently. And his fans are going to have a huge surprise. It’s a pop album. But he’s going to have incredible voices, incredible stories, truly global successes ”.

It could well be that the singer is up to something amazing for his fans. They seem to be eager to discover this big surprise. They hope not to be disappointed.

This Saturday, September 12, he posted a new photo on his Twitter account and said “6 days”. The artist even does a countdown. To be continued!