Make a ​Difference Between​ Love and Emotional Attachment

Each relationship begins with an emotional attachment, and it is this feeling that will allow us to build a story with each other. But we often tend to confuse emotional attachment with love. However, a balanced relationship must rest on love, not just the bond, which is more fragile and disorganized.

Sometimes, in the beginning, our relationship does not last as we expected. Learning to distinguish between emotional attachment and love helps us to understand existing mechanisms needed and things to be avoided.

Make a ​Difference Between​ Love and Emotional Attachment

But for example, do you want to engage in long-term projects, like a wedding or having a family with someone you feel attached to, if something is wrong, knowing if you have a sense of emotioanl attachment or love is also key to the future.

How to make the difference between love and emotional attachment?

Although we can confuse them, they are distinct feelings.

ِEmotional Attachment comes before love, it’s clear, when you start a relationship, you often feel something very strong for the person at the beginning. Love requires a lot of things: time, getting to know each other, living together, etc. Emotional attachment is a particular communication with each other, one is afraid of losing the other one, and one often expects a lot of behavior from the other, as a result of frustrations and disappointments.

Emotional attachment is not as solid as we think, if we confuse emotional attachment with love, we can believe that the emotional attachment protects our relationship for all the problems we faced. But it’s love will make efforts and compromises for the relationship to work. This love will also allow you to participate in a couple of long-term projects.
Emotional Attachment is a way to protect ourselves in the long run but has nothing to do with love. The installation can quickly become a possession. To understand this, let’s take the example of a beginner relationship. If all is well and you feel good with this person, you will feel frustrated if you do not see him for several days and your enthusiasm may go away if he lasts a long time. On the contrary, you will feel a deep lack of if the person you love is absent.

Make a ​Difference Between​ Love and Emotional Attachment

Love contributes to respect, simplicity and naturalness. There is no more interface, we help each other to grow, control has no place. The happiness of the other is important, without forgetting the happiness of the other, fundamental base of respect. Each one helps the other to transform their difficulties into a starting point for well-being. Listening and empathy are inevitable.
Evolutionary love and more lasting. The partners maintain the relationship and take care of it. Promotes the appearance of the heart and the well-being of the child. This feeling is based on common personality traits and not on physical attraction.

Calming love promotes fullness and self-understanding. It’s not a matter of war or resentment, we talk freely, we support each other and we love each other deeply because we are good together. Both people feel responsible for this happiness and do not expect it from the other. One becomes attentive to one’s attention to the other, and one freely expresses one’s sensitivity and vulnerability without being judged or mutilated.

Make a ​Difference Between​ Love and Emotional Attachment

Love is a very strong feeling and the people we have loved have always had a special place in our hearts, whether we like it or not. The attachment will also continue and will make us suffer, often with perfect love.

Emotional attachment always becomes toxic and represents our feeling of insecurity or emotional dependence, a relationship based solely on normal feeling may be unbalanced because it will be based on dependency, manipulation or control over the other, and may become toxic. It is also the attachment (coupled with the fear of the unknown and loneliness) that makes us cling to relationships that bring us more happiness, no longer excite us. Love, a pupil, offers the possibility of developing one’s true self, is a basis for exchanging, understanding one another and oneself.

A relationship based on emotional dependence is often unbalance when it is related to addiction, it can be a distortion of love, just like jealousy and the lack of feeling, and like those distortions, it doenot constitute proof of love.