Russian President Vladimir Putin at long last saluted Joe Biden on Tuesday (December fifteenth) on his triumph in the US official political decision, after his affirmation by the College of Grand Voters answerable for designating the following President of the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin complimented Joe Biden on his triumph in the US official political decision on November 3. He additionally said he needed to coexist with the Democrats, notwithstanding the contrasts between the two countries. In a public statement delivered on December 15, 2020, the Kremlin said Vladimir Putin sent a wire to Joe Biden to wish “the duly elected president each achievement.”

The Russian president likewise “communicated his certainty” that “Russia and the United States, which bear exceptional obligation regarding worldwide security and steadiness, could, notwithstanding their disparities, truly add to taking care of numerous issues. issues and difficulties the world is at present confronting “. At long last, Vladimir Poutine said he was “prepared” to contact Joe Biden. The Democratic competitor was named president-elect by the electors on December 14, by 306 votes against 232, against active President Donald Trump who keeps up his charges of “misrepresentation”.