The qualities and defects of the astrological sign

Aries (March 21 – April 21)

The defects of Aries

It is clumsy, not cunning and a little “rough formwork” It too often puts its share of reflection in parentheses to follow his impulses. Losing your temper is his most recurring feat. Diplomacy and subtlety never cease to escape and hit the spirits is his masterpiece daily. Anger takes it too often at a moment’s notice.

Qualities and Defects of 4 Zodiac Signs

The qualities of Aries

Head of the family, bandleader and especially leader, Aries invariably possesses this natural momentum which allows him to go head on to conquer his favorites and carry out his conquests. The fire that motivates an Aries gives him this superb desire to win. If he loses, it was only a small failure and just start over! He likes to seize opportunities at a moment’s notice for fear of letting them pass, and when it comes to playing the leaders he is the first. Count on Aries to turn any joke into a joke. Aries never stops laughing and with him, life is always full of joy. He knows how to take a whole company with him in an immense burst of laughter. So eruptive but so rancorous: we always end up forgiving him

Taurus (April 22 – May 21)

The defects of Taurus

Qualities and Defects of 4 Zodiac Signs

Taurus is a possessive, exclusive being. It can be described as an undisguised sensual who spends his life just hesitating between pleasure and … pleasure! His obstinacy is matched only by his power to say “no,” and his rage at point-blank has already destabilized many. His “ruminant” facet certainly pushes him into complex psychological meanders, so much he can be lost between a past that resurfaces more often than in his turn and grudges that are far too stubborn.

The qualities of Taurus

The common sense that animates a native of Taurus already protects him from so many lures that he knows how to remind us every quarter of an hour that we are only sweet dreamers! With a blind generosity, he does not hesitate to share the good moments of life. He also knows how to enjoy everything that makes life pleasant and he likes to share it. It is always very good to meet him. Besides, a Taurus is the builder in the soul who perspires stability. Each of his actions is a small stone brought to the building of its construction: constancy, longevity, and continuation in the ideas characterize it to the highest point and it suits him very well! ⋙ Sign of the Bull: what your decan and your day of birth reveal.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

The defects of Gemini

Qualities and Defects of 4 Zodiac Signs

Speculators in the soul, are businessmen in the devil, and if they always fall on their feet, it is that they take us easily (in passing) for fools born. Playing is their way of thinking. And if you find them one of these days on the straw is that in the infernal spiral of challenges, they will not stop, and the bankruptcy by excess (of speculations) is the only end that hangs on them. Natural curiosity, vivacity of mind, and exceptional Q.I. make them incapable of giving us a quarter of a tenth of their personal feeling.

The qualities of Gemini

Mercury reigns over Gemini and makes them a real machine for neurons. Those who follow them adore their agility of mind, their patter that always comes to the end of everything and their much knowledge … The world is full of curiosities and their quest for stimulation is not about to stop! Their curiosity always leads them to novelty. Fascinated by the games of life and chance, they are playful who would like to take nothing seriously to turn everything into an issue. With them, you do not get bored: they embody the zest of life and the subtlety of the spirit!

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

The defects of Cancer

Qualities and Defects of 4 Zodiac Signs

Great dreamer and too idealistic, Cancer does not stop breaking the wall of reality. Disappointed or hurt, it is the first to hibernate or sulk to go to console himself in the secrets of his pillow. It must be admitted, Cancer is the most capricious signs of the zodiac. It is difficult to please, impossible to maneuver, and invariably leads us through the end of the nose, through constant changes of mood. His chronic lack of spring is not a blow of fate but a lack of energy, we can never say enough!

The qualities of Cancer

Whatever the thickness of its outer shell, the first quality of Cancer is a great kindness, which makes it popular. His inner world is renowned for being exceptionally rich. His creativity comes from there. His great creativity never ceases to enchant us. To rub shoulders with it is to enter an intimacy that puts poetry in life and emotion in all desires. And sometimes it’s good not to touch the ground or be bombarded with the extraordinary roses of a Little Prince (whose creator was a Cancer).