10 reasons why you should stop drinking soda

The mayor of New York wants to ban XXL sodas. Bolivia has attacked Coca-Cola. Are sugary drinks that dangerous?

From the United States to Bolivia, sodas are widely criticized. As the mayor of New York announces that he wants to ban XXL sodas, the Bolivian foreign minister declares that “December 21, 2012, will be the end of selfishness, of division, December 21 must be the end of Coca Cola”.

One of the obvious reasons: sodas are not good for you, and not just because some of them contain low traces of alcohol, as demonstrated by a survey of 60 million consumers published on the 28th. June.

But do you know the risks of regular soda consumption? Business Insider reminds them. Take a look at the ten reasons why you should never drink sugary drinks again.

Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Soda Now

1 – sodas increase the risk of heart attack

Calumny? Quite the contrary. A study published by researchers at the renowned Harvard University in the United States in March reveals that drinking even one sugary drink per day leads to a 20% increase in the chances of having a seizure. heart rate in 22 years.

2 – sugary drinks change your metabolism

In any case, this is what a researcher from Bangor University in England demonstrated. This is because, after just four weeks of regular soda consumption, it becomes more difficult for the metabolism to burn fat.

3 – Some sodas contain carcinogenic substances that may cause, aggravate or sensitize cancer or its appearance

A study published in 2012 revealed that Coke, Diet Coke, but also Pepsi and Pepsi light contain 4-methylimidazole in amounts greater than the authorized limit. It has been proven that this chemical compound, commonly abbreviated 4-MEI and which gives, in particular, its brown color to drinks, particularly made animals sick, and therefore probably humans if consumed in large quantities.

Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Soda Now

4 – drinking sodas, causing addiction

Some lemon-based sugary drinks indeed contain a substance that can cause nervous disorders, but also memory loss.

5 – sodas cause respiratory problems

This is indeed what a study published in the medical journal Respirology revealed last January. The researchers, who for two years looked at nearly 17,000 people over the age of 16, found that there was a link between consuming more than 1/2 liter of soda every day and the development of asthma problems, but also more generally respiratory problems.

6 – Are your children violent? Blame the sodas!

A study published in 2011 showed that the more adolescents drank sugary drinks, the more they were involved in fights, even when other factors such as family problems of violence were no longer taken into account.

7 – Most sodas contain Bisphenol A, especially used by large companies to prevent the different acids in sodas from reacting with the metal in cans

The problem: Bisphenol A could alter hormones, researchers say. Studies have also shown that this chemical compound is linked to infertility, obesity, and certain cancers.

8 – sodas could reduce the shelf life

Researchers have noticed that mice whose blood had high levels of phosphorus, an element found in some sodas, died faster than those that did not.

9 – Sugary drinks make you gain a lot of weight, but mostly leaves traces of fat everywhere in your body

Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Soda Now

A Danish study dated February 2012 revealed that people consuming sodas regularly found themselves with a high level of fat in the liver, but also in the muscles.

10 – Don’t think that drinking light sodas is better for your health!

Researchers at the Miami School of Medicine have indeed found a link between adults who drank diet sodas daily and the likelihood of having a heart attack. The consumption of sugary “light” drinks increased this risk by 44%.

You’ll never see your Coke the same way again… and that’s a good thing!