Find out here the biggest mistakes everyone makes when grilling turkey

Find out why, but the turkey every year worries a lot of people. It must be said that when there are many, it is expensive and we don’t want to miss each other. And then, a good quality turkey, red label or organic, when it’s well prepared, it’s very good.
This year, we treat you and we give you all our secrets to success.

The biggest mistakes everyone makes when grilling turkey

We buy our turkey at the last moment

It’s dangerous because you’re not the only person who wants to cook a turkey at holiday time. You might have a hard time finding one of the size or quality you want.
I strongly advise you to take care of the quality by taking, for example, organic or red label turkeys.
My tip: order it 2 weeks before, or even more from your poultry house, specifying its weight.
Count a 4.5 kg turkey for 8 to 10 people and 2 turkeys of 2.8 kg if you are 12.

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We cook our turkey out of the fridge

The biggest mistakes everyone makes when grilling turkey

Just like roast beef and any meat or poultry, it is important to bring it to room temperature before placing it in the oven. This avoids thermal shocks, too long cooking which gives a dry flesh. So we take the turkey out two hours before cooking it.

You don’t dry your turkey before you put it in the oven

Dry skin helps you get crispy skin. We, therefore, dry our turkey using a kitchen towel or absorbent paper. We brush it with oil and we salt it. Especially no pepper, because it burns and becomes bitter. We pepper when serving.

We put the raw stuffing in the turkey

Don’t forget to remove the giblets from the turkey and use them to prepare the stuffing.
You must always brown the stuffing elements first because it gives more flavor and this ensures that the stuffing will be cooked when the turkey is finished cooking.
Do not forget to salt the cavity of the turkey before adding the stuffing.
We open the oven all the time

The biggest mistakes everyone makes when grilling turkey

Yes, it is tempting to see if everything is going well but be aware that each time you do this the temperature drops, and the cooking time increases. Does that remind you of something?
Baste the turkey during cooking

I know you’re gonna scream, but it’s no use. Finally if, the fact of watering acts as if one was frying gently. Each time you baste your turkey with fat, the surface temperature of the turkey will increase and it acts like a fry. This in no way affects the tenderness of the flesh!

And then, each time you open the oven door, the temperature drops, and the cooking time increases.

We cook the turkey in a too-hot oven

The ideal is to bake at 150 ° C (180 ° max) and brown at the end by increasing the temperature of the oven. This makes it possible not to attack the flesh and that it is very soft.
You cook your turkey directly on a plate or a dish

The biggest mistakes everyone makes when grilling turkey

Foods immersed in liquid (this is what happens when you put the broth in the baking dish of a turkey or poultry) do not brown and never become crisp. The meat of the turkey may even become soft because it will trap moisture.
The ideal is therefore to cook the turkey in a dish equipped with a grid.

We neglect the cooking thermometer

Well, I grant you, it’s not as bad as the rest of the errors but it avoids existential anxieties and the “well, I cook a little more to be quiet”.
After an hour of cooking, add the cooking thermometer to the level of the fleshiest part of the thigh, taking care not to touch the bone
It is cooked when the thermometer reaches a temperature of 82 to 85 ° C (3 to 4 hours for a turkey over 4 kg and about 3 hours for a 3 kg turkey).
We do not go any further, remember that even outside the oven, with the phenomenon of inertia, the temperature will increase further.

We do not rest the turkey

If you cut your turkey right out of the oven, the juices will run out. If you let it sit (15 minutes is good), the juices will stay in the flesh because they will thicken. The turkey will taste better.
The ideal is to put it on a grid so as not to bring in moisture which could soften the crispy skin.