Which destinations will see a boom in 2020? Answer with the barometer created by Airbnb. The rental specialist lists the 20 popular destinations, based on the increase in annual bookings. An arrangement in line with current major travel trends: We seek to escape mass tourism in search of emerging destinations. We try to prefer sustainable tourism, and finally, we would like to travel on the occasion of major events, political, sports or cultural.

Let’s discover together the Top 10 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb


The Top 10 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb

Vanuatu is located in the heart of Melanesia. It lies between New Caledonia, less than 500 km away and the Solomon Islands. The islands of Fiji border it to the East. This state is also south-west of the Pacific Ring of Fire. The archipelago was born from the action of 7 active volcanoes and 2 submarine volcanoes.

Vanuatu composed 83 islands, extending over 900 km long. The capital is Port Villa, with 45,000 inhabitants, so it is the most populated, located on the island of Efate. Luganville is the second-largest city in the country, with 13,000 inhabitants.

9.Guadalajara, Mexico

The Top 10 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb

Cradle of many Mexican traditions, the region of Guadalajara brought to Mexico mariachis, Tequila, sombrero, and charreada (Mexican rodeo) that have since become symbols of the country around the world. From the colonial city of Guadalajara to the Pacific beaches, the region offers the traveler a mix of culture in the student city of Guada;varied landscapes with the blue cactus fields of Tequila and its surroundings;and beaches more or less wild according to the desire: seaside resort of Puerto Vallarta, end of the world in Yelapa or Mexican atmosphere in Barra de Navidad.


The Top 10 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb

Small territory enclosed by France, Germany, and Belgium, Luxembourg is undoubtedly a destination to which one thinks too little, in comparison with its great accessibility … and its numerous riches which remain often unjustly unrecognized.

Luxembourg is also the name for the capital of the country, a city with a remarkable heritage. We move away from the main Luxembourg agglomeration to reach the verdant countryside of the duchy!

7.Eugene, Oregon

The Top 10 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb

Tourists visit Oregon’s “Eugene, Cascades and Coast” region for its spectacular waterfalls and endless beaches, but its culture of fine dining and wine is another of its attractions.

6.Xi’an, China

The Top 10 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb

Xi’an – pronounced / chiane / – is the oldest of China’s 4 Great Historical Capitals. Since the year 221 BC, it has been the capital of 13 Chinese dynasties, for a period spanning more than 1100 years (intermittently).


Take a walk in the heart of the communist architecture of Bucharest civic center. Visit the magnificent Bran Castle. Tour the Saxon citadels. Stroll through the alleys of the medieval city of Sighişoara. Go by cart in the hinterland of Arieşeni. Admire the splendid monasteries with painted walls of Bucovina and Moldavia.

4. Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne begins the Great Ocean Road. It follows the waves of the coast of the Victoria area to the spectacular rocky outcrops of the 12 Apostles and extends beyond the border of South Australia. Admire the magnificent views of the Southern Ocean, golden beaches, cliffs, and temperate rainforests. Watch animals and birds in the wild, watch pro surfers in action, relax in charming coastal towns, savor gourmet delights and discover Aboriginal cultural sites. The Great Ocean Road is as much a spectacular trip as a destination in itself.

3.Buriram, Thailand

The city of Buriram is a provincial capital of Thailand. It is one of the smallest in the country. In addition to the temple, the large paved driveway and stairway leading to it make it a unique place.

2.Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao and its inhabitants are waiting for visitors with open arms. The city offers many attractions so that visiting its streets, squares, the river is an unforgettable experience. The people of Bilbao, the “Bilbotarras” warmly welcome all those who come to visit them and invite them and accompany them in their visits, so that the foreigners do not feel apart, that they feel at home at the same as the inhabitants of “Botxo” [nickname of Bilbao, the hole in Euskera].

Milwaukee, Wisconsin comes to the first of The Top 10 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb

1.Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Originally inhabited by various Amerindian ethnic groups, the region then welcomed French missionaries in the 1600s – the name “Milwaukee” comes from elsewhere the Algonquin “Millioke”, or “Belle Terre”.

From 1881, the city developed well under the impetus of Franco-Canadian Solomon Juneau (often considered as one of the founding fathers of the city), before welcoming many German immigrants in the middle of the 19th century, whose imprint is still very visible in the region.