This was posted the day before Tommy Macias passed away. Our condolences to the Macias Family at this time.

This Man Warned His Friends On Facebook  Not To Wear A Face Mask As​ He Did. The Next Day He Died Of COVID-19.

Thomas Macias knew he tousled. it had been getting harder for him to require each breath. So he opened Facebook and wrote a warning to his friends.

“This is not any joke,” he wrote on June 20 as his COVID-19 symptoms took a turn for the worst. “If you’ve got to travel outwear a mask and practice social distancing. do not be a fucking idiot like me.”

The next day, he died of COVID-19

The 51-year-old trucker from Lake Elsinore, California, had been cautious during the pandemic, practicing social distancing and wearing a mask because he had diabetes and was concerned about his elderly mother.

But because the state began to loosen restrictions and opening up restaurants, Lopez said her uncle began to desire he too could relax, which it had been now safer to satisfy with friends. So he decided to travel to a barbecue with friends.

“I fucked up and went out a few weeks ago and that I contracted the coronavirus,” Macias wrote in his Facebook post, which has since been turned private.

Macias had begun to feel debilitated a couple of days after the fact, Lopez stated, however he thought he was simply feeling sick due to his diabetes. He had gone to visit his mom and sisters, and his kin had noted he looked drained and sweat-soaked.

At that point a companion who had gone to a similar grill disclosed to Macias they had tried positive for the coronavirus, and that he ought to get tried also.

This Man Warned His Friends On Facebook  Not To Wear A Face Mask As​ He Did. The Next Day He Died Of COVID-19.

The companion, Lopez stated, revealed to Macias he thought it was fine for them to go out in light of the fact that they were asymptomatic, and didn’t accept they could taint anybody on the off chance that they weren’t feeling wiped out. Wellbeing authorities have cautioned, in any case, that the infection can be transmitted regardless of whether patients never show side effects of COVID-19.

Lopez said her uncle was quickly concerned, for his wellbeing, but since he stressed he had put his family in danger.

“Due to my ineptitude I put my mother and sisters and my family’s wellbeing in danger,” Macias composed. “This has been an agonizing encounter.”

Before his side effects declined, Lopez stated, that was her uncle’s greatest concern.

“My uncle, he generally put everybody in front of himself,” Lopez said.

Her grandma and aunties all tried negative for the infection, yet Lopez said Macias’ indications exacerbated the Saturday that he composed the Facebook post. He called his kin and disclosed to them he was experiencing difficulty relaxing.

This Man Warned His Friends On Facebook  Not To Wear A Face Mask As​ He Did. The Next Day He Died Of COVID-19.

“He was beginning to feel better on Friday, and afterward Saturday he called saying he was having an extremely tough time breathing,” she said. “That is the point at which it got ugly.”

On June 21, he called his mom from the medical clinic.

“She simply continued saying, ‘You will be fine, Tommy. We’re going to see you when you escape this,'” Lopez said. “Be that as it may, he didn’t.”

From that point forward, his message on Facebook has been secured on various neighborhood and national news sources, taking note of the eery planning of his demise only hours subsequent to posting the grave admonition.

In any case, Lopez said she feels the message has additionally resounded with individuals since her uncle appeared to have assumed liability for his misstep, and his anxiety that he may have contaminated friends and family even as his manifestations declined.

“He recognized that it was stupid of him to go out in any case,” she said.

The relaxing of limitations from state and nearby wellbeing authorities gave her uncle an incorrect conviction that all is well with the world, she stated, and he let his watchman down, despite the fact that it was as yet undependable.

She said Macias additionally would not tell family members the name of the companion who went to the gathering regardless of realizing they were tainted with the infection, focusing on that the obligation laid with him.

“I trust individuals see how genuine this is,” she said. “Regardless of whether you have it and you don’t have side effects, it’s not OK to go out on the grounds that you figure you can’t give it to other people.”