Beautiful Baby Girl Names 2021

You are looking for a girl’s name but you do not know where to turn to face the thousands of possibilities available to you?

Top 100 Baby Girl Names

Do not panic, Virale Novas offers her Top 100 most popular girl names. Rare, original, trendy.

The top girl names In the top 5 female first names for 2021, we should find: Emma, ​​Jade, Louise, Alice and perhaps Mia, which is experiencing exponential growth, but the first name Emma has been present for 10 years could well lose its first place “specifies Stéphanie Rapoport, author of the book L’Officiel des prénoms.

But then, who would be placed in first position? “Jade has already dethroned Emma and she could bounce back in first position this year” estimates Stéphanie Rapoport, while the first name Mia could dethrone Chloe. Rhythmic and short names, like Inès, Léa, Léna, or Mila, which are also the success of these female names for 2021.

Among the other trendy names of the year 2021 for little girls : Sofia, Rose, Lina, Ambre, Lou, Jeanne, Lucie, Inaya, Nour, Iris, Agathe, Anna, Romy, Giulia, Victoire … According to the latest figures from INSEE, the female first names most often used in 2019 are: Emma, ​​Jade, Louise, Alice, Lina, Chloé, Rose, Léa, Mila and Ambre.

Baby came and you don’t find yet his name?

What gives you inspiration for this crucial choice. Virale Novas gives you the top 100 most feminine first names in 2021!

Are you pregnant with a girl?

Congratulations! If the preparations for birth are often very pleasant: the decoration of the room, the purchase of the first toys, the suitcase for the maternity … There is something that is a complete puzzle: the choice of the name! And for good reason, this is one of the first major responsibilities that we live as a parent. It is not always easy to agree with your spouse,

Fashion is short names now ,or the stars of the ranking of female first names of 2020, no first name to extension. There is one to two syllables and 5 letters on average. The trend seems to be to go to the simplest! On the other hand, the first names in “a” retain their dominion.

you are looking for an original name, not ridiculous or classic and not boring … Do not panic!

Here are Top 1000 Baby Girl Name

Top Baby Name Trends of 2019

Top 100 Baby Girl Names

Top 100 Baby Girl Names

As you can notice Emma Name has been come at the first position in USA for 5 years now.

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