Trump campaign demands another recount of Georgia just days after Biden’s first victory

The Trump lobby has mentioned another relationship in Georgia, despite a description previously proclaiming President-elect Joe Biden to be the champion.

The “intermediary” POTUS continues to recount that the political decision was taken by extortion of citizens and “illegal forms of voting”, despite completely zero evidence of constituent wrongdoing in all states.

US election 2020: Donald Trump's campaign requests full recount of Georgia
Donald Trump speaks

After two counts, it was claimed Biden won in Georgia by 0.2%, a 12,670 vote lead. Either way, the Trump group remains unconvinced.

Due to the underlying inclusion of a Biden triumph of less than 0.5%, Georgia has conducted a review of every official voting form it’s a real report.

This examination was performed by hand to ensure that there were no errors. All things considered, despite Biden’s triumph, Trump’s mission has mentioned – as it is qualified to do – another relationship, which will be completed by a machine.

US election 2020: Donald Trump's campaign requests full recount of Georgia

According to CNN, Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement: “Because the benefit is always less than 0.5%, the president can demand a relationship after accreditation of the results. This description will be led by the new digitization of all paper voting forms.

Trump recently tweeted: ‘Huge data on citizens’ false claims regarding Georgia. Stay tuned! So far, no data or evidence of extortion of citizens has been confirmed.

Trump’s legal group provided an explanation that reads:

Today, the Trump lobby recorded a call for a description in Georgia. Our goal is to ensure that every part of Georgia State law and the U.S. Constitution is followed so that every legitimate vote is counted. President Trump and his mission continue to demand a fair relationship in Georgia, which must incorporate trademark coordination and other crucial protections.

US election 2020: Donald Trump's campaign requests full recount of Georgia
Donald Trump

The assertion further calls on states to stop verifying “ illegal voting forms ” – without clarification on why some votes are illegal – and calls for the coordination of signature in the description, a cycle that occurs. during the first count.

There is no prerequisite for coordinating signing in another description, don’t worry for a second. Fulton County in Georgia estimated an expense of $ 200,000 for the description, according to NBC News.

Jaclyn Rothenberg, Georgia correspondent for Biden’s mission, also said: ‘The description from a week ago reaffirmed what we knew: voters in Georgia have chosen Joe Biden to be their next president. ”.

She added: ‘As the Secretary of State said, there is no reason to accept that there are large-scale errors or extortions and the Trump lobby has no evidence for back up their extravagant cases. Any other relationship will only reaffirm Joe Biden’s triumph in Georgia for the third time.