Discover the horoscope for the year 2021 for the astrological sign Virgo. Our astrologer Chris Semet reveals the astrological forecasts decan by decan.

Virgo Horoscope 2021 - Get Your Predictions Now!

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What do you aspire to? How to better live your activity? How to find satisfaction in your various projects? What solutions are available to you to improve your everyday life? Here are some questions that might cross your mind in 2021.

The main trends of 2021

It’s an interesting year on a sentimental and social level, as well as on a professional level. You will have the opportunity to experience strong moments both in love and at work.


2021 could rhyme with a change in a professional environment or retraining. For others, the time will be ripe for choices or decisions. Until May, you’ll have to decide, get involved, or rearrange everything. In June and July, you will negotiate a position or contract. Starting in August, you will begin a new professional cycle that is much more fulfilling and reassuring.

Virgo Horoscope 2021 - Get Your Predictions Now!
Virgo Horoscope 2021 – Virgo Yearly Astrology Predictions 2021

You will do your best to manage your budget as well as possible and you will know how to tighten your belt when you need to. April, August, and December could be positive for your financial health.

Friendship & Love

You will have the opportunity to connect with the right people, especially in April, May, June, August, October, and December, which will enchant you.

As a couple, it will be an interesting time. Some will begin a new marital cycle. Mars will be conducive to gentleness, fulfillment, good humor, and dialogue. May and July will see you cross a milestone in the life of two. August and December will be marked by lovely moments of complicity which will allow you to strengthen the bonds with your other half.

Single, this in-between year prepares you for a great love story. After a few heavenly sweets in March, between May and July, you might meet someone with whom a future is more than expected in the latter part of 2021. Don’t miss it. Open your eyes.


You won’t run out of stamina or energy. Thus, you will have everything you need to face the great moments of this New Year. Strong, determined, and determined, you will be able to cope with all events and all situations.

Closer to the stars

1st decan, take the time to consolidate your achievements. Make a statement in your professional environment. Expand your relational or friendly universe. Be curious about others.

2nd decan, if you are working, take up the challenges that 2021 will offer you. Show what you can do. Assert yourself. For others, the year will be good for your married life or friendships.

3rd decan, in the first trimester, seize all the opportunities that life will offer you. Give a new impulse to your daily life or your existence. Open up to the unknown.

Celebrity of the Virgin

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