Dreamt of a snake? Here’s what it symbolises

One or more snakes have disturbed your sleep … Lying on you, by your side orbiting you: a phallic story is undoubtedly hidden behind this dream! Explanations.

What Does It Mean If You’re Having Dreams About Snakes?

spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams

Personally, I never dreamed of any snake – unless it was a cleverly orchestrated repression. But there are obviously many of you who rub shoulders with them in your dreams … Whether in a group or alone, the snake is a rather common symbol of dreams. Sexuality, healing, and immortality – no, this is not the next subject of Exclusive Inquiry – this is the why and how of the snake in dreams.

The serpent, where the sexual energy

When the subconscious speaks, the crotch is never far away. So inevitably, when we dream of a reptile with a long cylindrical body such as a snake, there is material to eroticize. “Freud speaks of it as a phallic symbol, we can see in it a male figure, a desire for the carnal union”, explains Stéphanie Riotte, a clinical psychologist with analytical training.

This sexual representation is however conditioned by our culture: “We are there in a Judeo-Christian approach, underlines the psychologist. If someone has an Aztec belief, he will have another way of interpreting it”. Because yes, the serpent is none other than the animal that seduced Eve in Genesis, the one that prompted her to eat the forbidden fruit. Note that in general, the snake is rarely seen with a very good eye – Nagini in Harry Potter and Kaa in The Jungle Book is enough to prove it.

What Does It Mean If You’re Having Dreams About Snakes?

Complex sexuality

It would appear that the snake dream occurs in adolescence when very young adults – conditioned by fear of sexuality – fail to control their urges. “The fear of the snake (in dreams, editor’s note) refers to all the negative messages, particularly from the church towards sexuality. The teenager who will have this impulse knows that it is forbidden and will not know what to do with it”, details Alain Bonneville, an oncologist in the town of Vernon. Note that once again, this symbol is linked to a specific culture.

dream of snakes

spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams

The dream world specialist describes the serpent as an archaic drive “which needs to be civilized and to be warmed by love because it is a cold animal”. “In a dream where we are bitten or stung, it means that the sexual energy is misused and that it turns against us.

Symbolically speaking, this energy is very important. The fact of controlling it is the essential prelude to it. the union between the masculine and the feminine “, he adds. Taking a flute and becoming a psyllid isn’t so much the solution: instead, ask yourself about your relationship to the lower abdomen.

Concept of healing

Let us now come to a less libidinous explanation. Where the serpent is neither a sexual organ nor a tempting devil, but … healing! “It can be seen as a medicine, the notion of healing is associated with it”, explains Alain Bonneville.

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snakes dream meaning

Indeed, it obviously refers to the Caduceus, and therefore to “an energy that pushes us to live”, adds Stéphanie Riotte. But for the psychologist these assumptions remain very modest, a dream being able to be interpreted only in the light of a person. Obviously.

Other possible symbols

A few other meanings may emanate from the slender reptile. As Alain Bonneville explains, if you dream of a man with a forked tongue, it means that this character is lying, like the serpent in the Bible (or Kaa?).

The reptile can also be represented in other forms: for example, the ouroboros – the snake that bites its tail -, which can embody union, testify to sought-after immortality, or to something that is repeated and of which it would be difficult to undo. Everyone will see noon at their door.