Heath Ledger has been awarded the Best Supporting Actor for The Dark Knight. Spider-Man: The best animated Oscar draw from Spider-Man. And Black Panther was nominated for Oscar for Best Film, as well as for six other Oscars, three of which have been won. In other words, over the past decade, comics have not only taken over American cinema but have also had a negative impact on Oscar.

But can comic films without superheroes focus on criminals who are truly hated by Cinema and Art Academy? The Joker, co-written by Joaquin Phoenix (along with Scott Silver) as the fearsome DC Comics crazy in Gotham City, will be a test for the Joker.

Warner Bros. Generating $ 55 million to be shown in theaters on October 4 marks the world premiere on August 31 at the Venice Film Festival. On September 7, judges in Venice announced that the film was awarded the festival’s grand prize, the Golden Lion. He then made his North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7 and was shown again on September 10 north of the border.

The hard fact is this. This film is very well written, staged, designed and played mainly by Phoenix. This is not a caricature, but a credible story believed to have been screened in 1981, showing that morally bankrupt American society has turned Arthur Fleck into a very problematic phoenix-like himself. But currently 77 percent for Rotten Tomatoes, which is good, but not great – which, in my opinion, maybe because even critics are reluctant to win films that are so dark and disturbing. In fact, when unexplained mass shootings occur every week in America, gun violence, mental illness, and useless killings do not occur in theaters.

The only thing that everyone seemed to agree with was that Phoenix did a very good job as usual. He is a shy believer like Fleck / Joker, not least because, frankly, he’s always a little worried – not only seeing the 2010 documentary “I’m still here, but also his speech on Monday at the TIFF Tribute Gallery. He really spoiled himself, losing a staggering 52 pounds, which makes him seem like something seriously wrong with him, and most effectively he plays a character who has a disorder like Touret that makes him laugh at odd times, like someone trying to do the best he can, but does not deviate from the way.

Broken beans play a good role with the Academy – usually in the lead, but not infrequently in the main race. The most famous film by the Joker is taxi driver Martin Scorsese – he even honors the film shown at the Joker in 1976, where fingers pointed like a gun on his head – and Robert De Niro received the nomination as Best Actor for Oscar for viz. losing another actor who plays a crazy person, in contrast to Joker (who was raped on live television), Peter Finch from the station. Other nominees in the Wakota Best Actor category include Jack Nicholson for the 1985 Honorary Award; Anthony Hopkins in “The Silence of the Lambs” in 1991, which won De Niro for Cape Fear; Billy Bob Thornton for Blade Sling 1996; Edward Norton in American History X since 1998; Daniel Day-Lewisis from the 2002 New York Gang; Johnny Depp for 2007 Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber on Fleet Street; and Steve Carell for Foxcatcher 2014

Although I’m not sure how the Joker will deal with all Oscar voters, I hope Phoenix, who was previously nominated for an Oscar for Gladiators in 2000, to “Walk the Line” in 2005 and become a “Master of 2012” join the candidates above and maybe even win.