Study Finds ,Women Sleep Much Better Next To A Dog Than A Man

If you’re looking for an excuse to adopt a four-legged friend, do not go any further! Dogs have always been “man’s best friends”, but it turns out they can also be a good night companion for women, according to a recent study. we were curious to know why women sleep better with dogs instead of man, and we wanted to share this information with our readers!

Dog lovers will be delighted to learn from this study from 2018 : most women sleep better with dogs than cats or their mates. To carry out this research, 962 women in the United States were interviewed, about half of whom slept alongside a dog, one third with a cat, and the last part with their human companion.

Study Finds ,Women Sleep Much Better Next To A Dog Than A Man

Compared to women sleeping with a cat or a human, those who rest with a dog reported higher levels of comfort and safety. This can be explained by the fact that dogs are known for their ability to protect their owners and deter intruders. Unlike felines and humans, they can warn their human friends much more quickly about potential dangers.

Dogs also can promote healthier sleeping habits among their owners. Unlike cats, they spend 75% of the night sleeping and have a much lower level of nighttime activity , feline lovers, but sleeping with them is as disturbing as sleeping next to a human. Also, cats achieved the lowest results in terms of feeling of security and well-being.

Study Finds ,Women Sleep Much Better Next To A Dog Than A Man

One study found that instead of sleeping directly next to their dog, both men and women tend to rest better when their pet is in the same room with them.

My dog sleeps in his own bed next to mine. It very rarely disturbs my sleep, only on stormy nights. He does not move from his bed until I get up, if I overshoot the usual time, he puts his 2 legs on the edge of the bed, and wagging the tail.

Yes I feel a certain security knowing that in case of any problem will warn me, and certainly that the caresses that I give him before the dodo helps me sleep well, it will never replace the love that we can gives as human being, but it is surprising how they can bring us happiness by being the little accomplices of our life Johanne Said.